Retreat Design Iceland

Raw. Mystical. Real – Iceland touches. Everyone.


​Iceland – the island inmidst of the North Atlantic and located just below the Arctic Circle is truly unique. The pureness and wildness of the nature and land is not only visible but palpable and intriguing.

Iceland invites you to reconnect with nature and the essence of yourself. To truly feel. To slow down. To pause. To remember what really matters. And to be in awe.

Do you feel inspired by Iceland to be the destination for your next coaching trip or retreat?​

“Iceland can be your wake up call. And it can also be a cozy blanket that covers you lovingly.

Depending on what you need.”


Stephanie Schwarz


For whom is our offer?

We create coaching trips and retreat experiences for coaches, trainers, therapists, alternative practitioners, yoga/meditation teachers, speakers & other people working in the areas of personal development, mindfulness, holistic health and/or spirituality.

Tour operators with a focus on mindful group trips or women trips are also amongst our customers.

Are you looking for a unique destination for your next group trip/retreat?

Together with my partner, the renowned travel agency Nonni Travel in Iceland, we are happy to create your next trip or retreat – individually tailored to the needs of your target group.

Why Iceland?

In Iceland you can feel your true essence. Here you can’t hide from yourself – and neither you have to. The pureness of nature, the energy and vastness of the country and the humanity of its residents invite you to let go of all the roles of everyday life.

Iceland is full of wonders, polarities and surprises. Fire and Ice. Boiling earth and black lava landscape. Hot springs and green moss. Northern lights and midsummer nights. Nowhere else in Europe you can be closer to the elements of nature. Nowhere else you can see, feel, touch and smell how alive our earth is.

North Iceland: the place to retreat

Nowhere else I feel more humbled by the magic and beauty of our nature and earth as in the North of Iceland.

Our offers are for those who want their clients to encounter the country (and themselves) on a deeper level. Visitors who, in addition to activities, also find magic in slowness and silence. Who want to linger at power spots in nature in order to truly feel. Who want to listen to the sound of nature.

Visitors who are open to be enchanted by the visible and invisible inhabitants of the land. Those who are curious to meet Iceland’s Huldufólk, the hidden people of the North, the nature spirits, elves and trolls.

North Iceland invites you to open yourself to a world that only can be seen with your heart.

Surrounded by the deep blue waters of Iceland’s longest fjord, majestic mountain ranges, picturesque fishing villages, thundering waterfalls and one of the most active volcanic zones in the country.

Possible travel elements for your group can be – depending on region, budget and time of year:

Hiking in unique nature – whether through a Nordic forest, fjord landscape or on a volcanic crater, snowshoeing through fairytale winter landscape, horsebackriding & Icelandic horses, encounters with huskies, whale watching, yoga & meditation in nature, bathing in geothermal spas and hot springs, sauna/steam bath, visiting turf houses, participation in ceremonies and rituals, meeting a Nordic shaman, visits to energetic power spots in nature, meetings with local artists, creative workshops, gong ceremonies, ice bathing, elf coversations and much more.

In addition to the diverse activities, North Iceland also invites you to do less and BE more.

You choose how mindful, active, decelerating, in flow or spiritual the group trip should be.

Who are we?

As a coach & retreat designer, I combine the great passions of my life: down-to-earth spirituality, nature and travel.

In my professional life I have always loved to work in tourism. After my studies and various positions in marketing, PR and sales for well-known tour operators, agencies and an airline, I supported my partner with his company Nonni Travel – one of the oldest travel agencies in Iceland.

In 2018 I made a dream come true becoming self-employed as a coach. Since then, I am guiding women on their journey towards a life with more ease, fulfillment and magic.

In 2023 was the right timing to combine those two passions: I started to design holistic and mindful retreats (with a spark of magic) for other coaching colleagues, therapists, trainers, yoga teachers and tour operators.

As a strong local partner, I still have NONNI spirit by my side – a product line of my partner’s agency Nonni Travel, which specializes in mindful travel and retreats.


How can my participants reach Iceland / North Iceland?

Iceland’s International Airport Keflavik is served by many airlines from Europe and North America all year round. The airport is located in the southwest of the country. The flight time from Uk, for example, is around 2.5 hours.

Akureyri Airport is located in North Iceland and is served by a 30-minute domestic flight all year round and internationally in winter (e.g. fom London Gatwick and Manchester by easyJet). Driving from the capital Reykjavik in the South to North Iceland takes around 5 hours and leads through impressive Nordic scenery.


Which season do you recommend?

Every season in Iceland is completely different.

There is summer with its wild flowers, green forests and the never-setting midnight sun, which definitely has its special charm. However, its also the most expensive travel period (June – September).

Many coaches, trainers and yoga teachers decide to offer their trip or retreat during Northern Lights season (October – March). In autumn, Iceland’s nature appears colorful and golden. Winter, especially in North Iceland, showcasts a true winterwonderland with powdersnow and fascinating twilight hours. Akureyri in North Iceland is served by national and international direct flights throughout the winter.

We are happy to support you in finding the right travel period suitable for your target group.


What about costs, isn't Iceland very expensive?

Yes, Iceland is one of the most expensive travel destinations in Europe. This applies not only to accommodation and touristic services but also to food, restaurants and local expenses.

It is important to us to communicate this openly so that you can assess whether a trip to Iceland suits your target group. Keep in mind that despite the high costs, your participants will get to experience a special country in a unique way in return.


Which focus and themes can my trip have?

Iceland allows many themes in the areas of mindfulness, growth, spirituality or healing that can serve as a guideline for your group trip or retreat. Some examples are: Yin and Yang, slowing down, back to nature, coming home to yourself, strength & empowerment, living your dreams and many more.

If yoga and meditation are part of your itinerary, there are a selection of yoga studios, shalas and meeting rooms on site. There is also the possibility of holding training courses in the area of ​​holistic health.

Please let us know what kind of trip you are planning and we will take this into account when creating the program.


Next steps

Do you feel inspired to pick Iceland as the destination for your next coaching trip, retreat or mindful group trip? I’m looking forward to your email.

You share with me your ideas, target group and key elements of your trip. And I help you to evaluate if Iceland meets your needs.

If you decide to go ahead and make Iceland your next retreat destination, we will collaborate with our partner agency NONNI spirit to prepare a tailor-made program for you. Specifically designed to meet the needs of your target group.

I’m so looking forward to hearing from you.