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Personal Growth & Coaching for women

Hello dear fellow woman, I am Steph.

In my work I inspire women to remember who we truly are.

To remember our inner truth. Our desires. Our needs. Our dreams. To get to know our thoughts, our emotions, our intuition, our wisdom. To deepen the knowing and trust that we are enough exactly how we are and that our needs and dreams are worthy to be seen, expressed and lived.

My work guides women to fall in love with themselves and life. In order to step by step create a life that truly makes us happy – in all areas as well as in our relationships & sexuality.

Thank you for being here and walking this path.


My work is for you if:


you feel unsatisfied, disconnected, stressed, empty, stuck or without energy in one or more areas of your life or in your relationship, if you rather function than truly feeling alive and/or if you feel overwhelmed by one or all of your emotions

– you feel life happens to you and you have no power or control over it, if you got caught up in a (relationship and life) routine that doesn’t fully make you feel happy or alive, if there is a dream that keeps coming back to you but you don’t have the courage to make it true

– you want to get to know and understand yourself on a deep level, if you want a deeper sense of who you truly are and a deep connection to your needs, dreams, intuition and soul

– your life or relationship look quite ok from outside, but deep inside they sometimes feel empty,  frustrating, unfulfilling or overwhelming and there is this inner voice whispering that „something is wrong or missing

– you’ve been living a „life for others“ trying to adapt, play small/nice or please others and fulfill the expectations of your partner/family/society, if you have put your partner and family first for a long time

– you feel unsatisfied, frustrated or not seen/heard in your relationship or have other relationship challenges, if you find it difficult to express your needs and dissatisfaction and truly communicate to your partner from heart to heart, if you „have lost each other“ in the routines of all-day life and want to re-connect with your partner in an authentic and loving way

– you don’t enjoy sex, if you lost your desire for sex, if you fake orgasms or try to avoid sex, if your only focus is to satisfy your partner (ignoring your own needs) and/or if you feel shame to talk openly about your body and sexual needs with your partner


During our time together, you will:

♥ get to know yourself (even better) and create a deep connection to your inner voice, your needs, your wishes, your dreams, your intuition and to who your really are

♥ learn to understand your thoughts, your feelings & the signals of your body. This will bring you a deep feeling of inner peace and trust, you will feel more balanced, loved, empowered, guided and deeply connected to your own truth and wisdom

♥ learn to love yourself on a deep level (as well those parts of you that you might judge, shame or want to push away/ignore) which will make you feel free

♥ learn tools that support you mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and energetically to take responsibility for your own happiness and make choices in alignment with who you really are

♥ feel empowered to be the most authentic and happy version of yourself, to listen to your inner truth, to use your voice and communicate authentically and create a life, relationship & sexuality that really fits to you

♥ and if you feel inspired to dive into your sexuality, you will: re-connect to your femininity, learn about female sexuality and what a truly fulfilling sexuality means to you as a woman (which is often very different from the common, very man-focused image of sex we often have), you will explore your sexual energy, find empowerment to share your needs and wishes with a partner and take action in creating a sex life that honors your female body and that both you and your partner enjoy (note: no nudity during our sessions)


This process will give you clarity and courage to make the choices in your life that feel in alignment with who you truly are and to create a life, relationship & sexuality that make you happy 

How to work with me:


All sessions online via Zoom.

Depending on your life situation you can choose between

Life & Empowerment Coaching or Female Sexuality Coaching (or a mix of both ♥)

If you feel inspired to work with me or if you have questions,

contact me at info@stephanieschwarz.com

Update April:

Currently I don’t have any more 1:1 coaching spots available.

I’m taking in new clients from mid of September. If you feel called I invite you to reserve your spot. I’m so looking forward to go on this journey with you.

I’m looking forward to reading from you ♥ 

For more joy, authenticity, aliveness, love

… and magic

in your all day life, relationship & sexuality

For those wanting to know more:

I am a certified Coach for Love, Sexuality & Relationships specialized in Women’s Empowerment & Female Sexuality. My passion is to empower women in all areas of their lives and in their relationships & sexuality. I use tools from modern therapy & neuro-psychology enriched with meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, somatic experiencing, energy work and the ancient wisdom of the traditions of Tantra. The foundation of all my coaching work is LOVE and the strong belief that we are not broken. You don’t need to be fixed. You are already whole and perfect as you are, just that so often we have forgotten and disconnected from this natural state of deep knowing and love. I am here to remind you of your wholeness, to guide you back into that space of love & acceptance, clarity and trust. Being in that state, you can create almost anything in your life. This state of love gives you the clarity to follow your dreams, to use your voice, to honour your needs and create that life, relationship and sexuality that you truly desire. Some of my clients describe this with the feeling of …finally coming home, to ourselves ♥ 

My coaching style is intuitive with a powerful gentleness. You are welcome exactly how you are. Everything you bring with you is welcome: your fear, your shame, your embarrassment, your anger, your insecurities. I meet my clients with a deep loving presence, huge compassion and a humility of everyone’s journey through this life. My work is profound and the same time I invite lightness, joy, ease and fun. This is an invitation for you to be exactly who you are …coming home to yourself.



Ready for more joy, realness & love in your life, your relationship or sexuality?


Do you want to feel free to be the person you really are?

Does your inner voice whisper „YES“ even though you might feel inspired, excited and nervous all the same time?


If you feel inspired to embark on this beautiful journey,

then you can reach me at info@stephanieschwarz.com